3rd Blogging Attempt.

Third times a charm! Or so they say..I don’t think I’ve ever seen this proven true, but this time I’m banking on the fact that I’m older now and therefore less distracted. I guess time will tell.

I set up this blog to be kind of a journal that I can type in faster than I can write on paper, basically a space where I can mind-dump everything random into one cohesive place. A safe haven where I can feel free to jump from a story about a failed recipe attempt to a diatribe about the badness of Florida drivers (myself included) to a deep C.S. Lewis quote, with no seamless transitions. In real life, I think the term for this is “rambling”, or so I have been told. Before I got married, I thought this was the normal way to communicate…as one does living in a house full of girls for any length of time. Sharing a cookie recipe, arguing about who vacuumed last, and contemplating if college is actually worth the incomprehensible amount of money that it actually ends up costing, all while passing back and forth a jar of Nutella and all within a matter of 10 minutes is completely normal. This is followed up by just turning on LOTR and forgetting everything we just talked about..and forgetting about life in general and only The Shire matters.  I have noticed this is not a common thing for the male-race to do. Interjecting my fascinating story about getting cut off on the interstate with how my left knee feels weird lately and I think something is burning in the oven is often met with a blank stare from husband. Not directed at me, but at a wall where he’s deep in thought about what building materials he needs to get at Lowe’s. Pretty sure this situation is an accurate representation of the scientific theory about girls’ brains being noodles and guys’ being waffles.

Speaking of, I could really use a waffle-maker.

Such as THIS…(Trevor):    DeesOne

Also, this..because, kitten. He’s all tuckered out. By this point, he’s halfway reached his goal of destroying our dining room chairs. Just a quick 3 hour snooze..

photo (1)


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