10 Things that Surprised Me About Motherhood

While I knew that nothing would be as I expected once the baby came, regardless of the number of books and articles I read, some things really did catch me off guard. I have learned that a special grace comes with the sleep-deprivation, an overwhelming love overrides the diaper changing throughout the night, and all of the sudden you have supersonic hearing.

Here are just 10 that I have learned thus far:

  1. The 10-12 diapers a day is actually an under-estimate. If you have a boy, take into account that sometimes he’ll pee on the new one right before you close it up. 2 at a time, baby!
  2. As much as I thought I wouldn’t, I missed the feeling of being pregnant within a day or two. I heard that would happen from my midwife and all my friends, and I never believed them due to feeling just generally pretty lousy throughout much of the pregnancy. It really is such a special time when you can feel every little kick and hiccup.
  3. I really think babies can sense when you’re sitting down to eat. 2-3 hours, not a peep…I sit down with food, and he gets hungry. This is also something I always heard from my mom-friends would happen on the regular. It is so true and pretty hilarious.
  4. I can hear Jonathan’s tiniest noises from pretty much any room in the house.
  5. Somehow, I feel more rested after a solid 3 hours of interrupted sleep than I did with 8 hours pre-pregnancy.
  6. What are meals? 2pm cereal, 8pm pizza. Same cup of coffee throughout the day, reheated 10 times. Add more cream and cold coffee from french press as tiredness sets in. I’m counting on my appetite improving sooner rather than later, hopefully. Until then, I’m happy with whatever I can eat with one hand.
  7. As much as I swore I would never fall asleep with my baby in the bed, it’s happened once or twice with the 4am nursing sessions. I think I was sleep-nursing.
  8. There is nothing that compares to seeing your husband become a father and step into that role with such strength and humility. Trevor doesn’t think twice about changing diapers and cleaning spit-up. He changed every dirty diaper while we were at the hospital. #Smitten.
  9. Swaddling tight is a miracle-worker.
  10. I could kiss his face and just stare all day! Everyday. It truly is a miracle holding the little one you carried in your belly for 9 months. I am ruined.



We are so blessed and so happy!


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