Disclaimer: Heavier Post Ahead

Concerning all of the recent events that have happened, in Paris and countless cities before her, in airplanes and migrant ships, in bus stations and stadiums, in concert halls and restaurants, it seems every hour there is a new story. My newsfeed is filling up constantly with differing opinions on what should happen, what measures our country should take, what beliefs and values we are currently compromising, the list goes on. In my opinion, very few of us, if any, have any real idea of what this enormous issue actually looks like and its complexity. If there was an easy answer, it would have already happened. Regardless, I really felt inclined to write this post because one thing came to my mind as I read about the latest terror attack: “Maranatha”…Come quickly, Lord Jesus. For the sake of those who live in total fear every single day, for the sake of those who may not see very much light at all in this lifetime, for the sake of the children. I can only imagine how serious and desperate that plea is for millions of people at this moment..countless Christians persecuted daily under brutal regimes, terrified migrant families traveling without shelter or basic provisions whose children are crying from thirst and hunger, loved ones of terror-attack victims who feel they can hardly even breathe through the crushing grief.

Whether or not you believe that Jesus is God does not change the fact that all of creation waits and groans in painful expectation. No matter how hard we try to prevent acts of evil from happening or come up with solutions that we think will safeguard our security, the reality is that the world is broken and hurting and waiting for total restoration. In the midst of a fear-filled world desperate for hope, I’m reminded that there is only one true Hope. There is only one Savior, and He will “lay bare His holy arm in the sight of ALL nations, and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God.” (Is. 52:10)

Now more than ever, I can see why it’s so important to have an eternal perspective. God is the final Authority, and He is who we will encounter face to face and give an account to. When a terrorist is killed along with his victims, I imagine he sees them immediately in eternity. In this Paris attack…the Beirut attack…the Russian plane attack…the list goes on, the attackers who died were immediately met with the face of the Living God and those whose life they just took. It’s a sobering thought and one that I can’t really shake…to live in total deception for so long and then instantaneously face Truth, to stand next to the ones whose lives you took just a second before, leaving entire families shattered. All of the sudden, they see everything. All of the sudden, they stand alone and accountable for everything. There are so many sides to all of the current events, so many things that are heart-wrenching and disturbing, and I hope that our first response, before forming an opinion, is to pray..for the victims, the migrants, the attackers, our nation, other nations, and the state of our own hearts. 


3 thoughts on “Disclaimer: Heavier Post Ahead

  1. Powerful and true. I’m reminded daily to pray for others and that is one of the best things that can be done. Thank you

  2. Best thoughts on this topic so far. This situation is way more complicated than anyone is realizing. On both sides.

  3. Well said Brittany. Aren’t you glad that judgement is not in our hands? How relieving to know that we are not the one to judge people’s hearts! God is more than capable. It is a sober reminder that we must be repentant and right with God at all times! You just never know when our last day will come. When we stand before our Lord and Creator, face to face, I can only imagine that we ALL will have regrets. I just hope that through it all, He will be able to say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” That we won’t be caught at a time that we have stepped outside of His Grace and Mercy. Help us all Lotd!

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